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The Aims of Face Cancer

The Aims of Face Cancer
  • To help others face cancer. Cancer Research UK advise us that 1 in 2 will get cancer in their lifetime. Everyone faces cancer - patients, careres, loved ones - we're in it together.
  • To raise awareness of head and neck cancer which brually affects c12,000 people in the UK pa.
  • All net proceeds directed to cancer-fighting charities, not least The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, Macmillan Cancer Care and Support and Cancer Research UK, which have all endorsed this publication.
  • **TOP TIP** If you have a persistent numbness, ulcer, soreness or discolouring in your mouth; see your dentist in week one and INSIST they refer you to an Oral & Maxillofacial Consultant by week three. The outcome is a lot better for patients if Head and Neck Cancer is diagnosed and treated early.

About the Author

About the Author

John WilkinsonAs he approached 50 years of age, John Wilkinson had everything he could have wished for: a good balance between his loving family and a busy work life. But in 2017, his world was turned upside down.

An aggressive, large and very rare cancerous tumour had taken residence in his face and John’s future looked extremely bleak. He underwent 30 hours of life-changing maxillofacial surgery across several operations, received almost 400 stitches and then endured other treatments such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy. His family, friends and medical team were amazed at his resolve and wanted to bottle some of his mindset.

Whilst recovering from the shock of the first operation, John had an epiphany.  He wished to help others facing cancer and give something back – a ‘thank you’ to those who had helped him.  Unfortunately, two years later the cancer had spread to John's brain, damaging nerves and causing seizures of the temporal lobe, which dramatically change an individual's personality.  John's short-term memory was also affected and he struggled to focus, unable to even read a newspaper or watch the news.  However, in his selfless way, despite suffering greatly, John put his personal struggle to one side and found the drive and determination to help others.  He felt compelled to raise awareness of this awful disease and to draw attention to the fact that head and neck cancer is more treatable if caught early.  He wrote a second book!!  

An illustrated poem - DUE WHEN THE LOCKDOWN IS LIFTED!!

All book proceeds are directed to the Face Cancer Fund. It is an unincorporated association set up to pay all costs and distributes all net proceeds to cancer charities such as the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, Macmillan Cancer Support and Cancer Research UK, to support their fight against the disease.

Royal Marsden Cancer CharityMacMillan Cancer SupportCancer Research UK

Purchase Book

Purchase Book

Face Cancer Book
Paperback £15 plus p&p

This insightful, inspirational and humorous account takes us through John’s life before cancer, and beyond. It captures the gripping key moments during his battle and offers advice to patients, carers and supporters with similar challenges. Face Cancer summarises key lessons learnt by John in the hope that these may provide a nugget of gold for somebody in need. Written in the moment, these pages reflect a kaleidoscope of emotions experienced along the way – expect to both laugh and cry. The read is exceptional.

All Net proceeds from the sale of the book are directed to cancer charities. By purchasing here you maximise the value of this, as retailers need to make a margin. At least 50% of the net proceeds from this website's sales will be directed to the 3 endorsing charities quoted as other charities may emerge.

For international purchases, please visit Amazon.

News & Reviews

News & Reviews


Face Cancer 2020 Fund Raising Dates:

June 19th - HSBC CHARITY WALK Gatwick-Oxford - postponed until further notice due to Coronavirus
July 17th - JOHN WILKINSON TRIBUTE TROPHY RUGBY DAY - postponed until further notice due to Coronavirus
December 17th - BANKERS LUNCH - Christchurch College Oxford - Sale of John's books: All proceeds to Oracle Cancer Trust

Face Cancer 2019 UK Tour Dates:

  • 3rd May 2019 Book launch, HSBC Tower, Canary Wharf- SOLD OUT
  • 14th May, Oxford. 5pm, The Oxford Retreat - SOLD OUT
  • 17th May, Basingstoke, 9am Centre Court Health Club - Costa -SOLD OUT
  • 23rd May, Reading, 5pm, HSBC Thames Tower- SOLD OUT
  • 28th May, Hook, 7pm The Base, Community Centre - SOLD OUT
  • 12th June, London, HSBC Queen Victoria St - SOLD OUT
  • 18th June, London, Travelex UK, Kings Cross - SOLD OUT
  • 2nd July, Birmingham HSBC UK HQ - SOLD OUT
  • 19th Sept, Oxford Summer Charity Ball - SOLD OUT
  • 9th October, Basingstoke Festival place with St Michael's Hospice. SOLD OUT
  • 5th December, Reading Profesionnals Lunch, Reading Town Hall.

BBC News Clip 25th April 2019

Rare Sinus Tumour Changed My Identity


Please find book reviews of Face Cancer from our readers: please contact us to submit a review and mark it 1-5 Stars (Poor to Brilliant)

  • “Excellent, thoughtful and a powerful read. Well done John on being able to verbalise your emotions so well.Medical Plus"
  • "Very interesting and challenging read, sprinkled with infectious humour and positivity. Buy it, download it, read it. R.M *****"
  • "Totally impressed by your writing style, and also your honesty and openess, and for having the motivation to get it down on paper. Respect. AD. *****"
  • "I think it will help so many people who have suffered 'the uninvited guest' and also those who haven't got some perspective on their lives. Beautifully written, made me laugh and I also cried..JV. *****"
  • "It will help everyone who is not sure what to expect and will be able to explain certain procedures that will help you organise daily commitments in a positive way. E.B ******"
  • "A great book about how dealt a tough hand, a family met the challenge head on. Gently motivating and actually in places funny. If there's another book I'll buy it. Y.O *****"
  • "Just finished reading this. Wow....the raw honesty in this book is captivating. You have produced a work of art, which is interesting to read but holds so much value to help others...a true legacy. C.P. *****"
  • "Finished the book, Amazing, seriously it was brilliant!. N.W *****"
  • "A beautiful and raw exploration of a cancer journey on what and who are important to us all". W.W *****"
  • A truly captivating account of what it's like to come to terms with a cancer diagnoses and deal with the brutal impacts of surgery and recovery. Both funny and heart warming, rich in emotion and life arffirming. A must read for anyone affected by cancer who wants to face it head on and learn to live". RH *****
  • "Fascinating read, can't put it down! M.B *****"
  • "Very Inspirational and emotional. Thankful to John who shared his experience for the well being of others.. R.S. *****"
  • "They say - when you get given lemons make lemonade - well John Wilkinson has made gallons of the stuff - and it tastes good. His book wrings the positives out of his illness, and he tells his story in detail, with humour, compassion, understanding and hope. His voice can be heard loud and clear. I highly recommend this book to anyone - we are all affected by cancer - whether it's someone we know or family or ourselves. The more we know the more we can learn how to make lemonade. Cheers. R.H. *****"

Support Group Links & Information

Support Group Links & Information

These links are provided by Face Cancer to help direct patients and carers, both old and new, to a wide range of useful and relevant information already available on the internet. We encourage everyone facing cancer to initally engage with their healthcare professionals.
The author's own web page - 'Face Cancer Book' - where members can interact
Head and Neck Cancer Support Group UK. A vibrant and active Facebook page used by patients and carers, whose membership appears to be nationwide
Specific for head and neck cancer patients and carers
Specific information relating to head and neck cancer
A great website detailing research into cancer and provide a non-specific ‘cancer chat’
Specific information relating to head and neck cancer
NHS site for specific information on head and neck cancer
‘Improving Outcomes in Head and Neck Cancers - The Manual (2004)’
Face Cancer is looking to build a support network at the charity/hospital to specifically help head and neck cancer patients. Watch this space!

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